Last night I decided to end fairly early (8:00 pm) working and sit and watch Kevin Smith. I have a part time Dev who comes into the office Tues, Thurs and Saturday each week and he is learning about SalesLogix Web. Amongst all of the training material I had I decided to order a copy of Stephen Redmond’s book so we were well armed with documentation if I was unavailable to answer a question or provide some direction. As I said, I was watching a movie, and decided to take the book with me and look through it. Surprisingly on the last page I found mention of this Blog and of myself. I felt honored to be here and am really appreciative of the kind words that Stephen put in.

Our community, I mean the SalesLogix community has so few evangelists. When we contrast that to the number of MVPs, and speakers, books and blogs that cover the Microsoft world I do not think we register as a blip. I really am thankful for the few open individuals and their accepting companies that do extend themselves out to help promote the technology that so many of us make our livelihoods off of. So Ryan, Stephen, Nick, Mike and any that I’ve not included thank you. I am hoping that 2009 more names can be added to the list.

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  1. Mark, moving from the client side of the SalesLogix community to now working with Sage and the PSG group, I too would like to share my thanks to those within the community. I know the countless questions I have thrown upon thos in the SalesLogix community and I am always impressed by the genosity and willingness to provide assistance and most of the times without cost. I only hope that at somepoint I’ll be able to return the favors that have been bestowed upon me to others in the community. Oh and I TOO have a copy of Stephen’s book which I can say just one thing… If you don’t have it GET IT, if you DO have it… Carry it with you as I do.

    Thanks again to all who have helped me in the past and thanks to those I have yet to call upon.


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