Rich Eaton who works for Sage in the PSG group has started blogging. You can find his blog here. Rich’s most recent post is about what it would take to be a successful web developer and he will be providing some insight at ‘Insights’ on the attributes of running a successful web dev based consultancy. Rich and I have talks from time to time and he is a really nice guy with some good insight into things. Its worth adding him to your blog list.

With regards to his latest post, its easy to understand the tangibles. The checklist of capabilities one must have.. CSharp .. Check, … Check, JavaScript … Check …however I believe there are additional traits you need to ensure that you are successful.

The capability to Gut, Prune and Discover

Lightly put much of what we do now is ‘Groking’ new tech. This will change over time as the platforms change but the pure nature is to dig deep into the guts of things and understand how to accomplish the given task. Those who are truly long term will have a desire to get in a break things apart to see how they work. As you can imagine this information is invaluable for delivering end solutions build on the web platform

A Community Spirit

There is small number of Developers that are working on the Web Platform and of them a portion know it really well. As Rich mentioned there are places to obtain information such as Sage Training, Slx Developer, and Google. I really believe to build up the developer community for the web platform we will need to be even more community focused. I believe in the Past there may have been a fairly insular approach to knowledge sharing. I hope that is a thing of the past though I do believe that there are still those partners that take without contribution.

Energy, and flexibility

Honestly taking on the web platform can take some real investment in time and effort. This is not the old way of doing things. There are new practices, procedures and Technologies that will take time. There can be days as a developer that you will walk away and think I Just do not get it, but with time it will start to piece together nicely. In regards to flexibility, I think it is easy to fall into the trap of trying to code something in the way we did it in the past. Such as data access in the Lan vs. NHibernate in the web. We have to be open to the new ways, but and I say this with a big BUT we also have to be able to make decisions on the right tech for the implementation at hand.

Do not be afraid to Ask, but …

This is a journey that all of us must take if we want to develop for the web. Its ok to ask for help in the various forums. If someone is nice enough to help, say thank you, and maybe even make a comment on their blog, or on the forum. Also understand that (I suspect) that most help will come in the form of direction/details on how to resolve the issue yourself. Do not expect full coded examples as very few have time to come up with working code (unless they already have one)

I tend to read a lot, usually when I am done working for the day and I head to watch some TV. I generally have a book in my hand. I think the single biggest trait of a successful developer is the desire to learn.

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  1. Mark,

    Thanks so much for the kind words and the assistance you have provided me. I too believe that the one main thing about the SalesLogix community has always beenthe willingness to share knowledge. The business partner community might look and start thinking of bringing in smaller shops right now to help them ramp up. This I think can be a great idea and a great resource.

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