The other day I was pointing out my Corporate web site to a person I was having a conversation with. When looking at this site I was completely embarrassed being a developer and focusing on quality. This site I whipped together on a Sunday afternoon to give my company a presence. This was done more then a year ago and I have been vowing to update the site and do it ‘Right’. The time is coming up to put in the time and effort to get it up to date using the corporate branding and technologies that we use here day to day. I have decided to go down the path of MVC for the core page handling technology for the update and hope to create a more interactive site that will contain more ‘good’ bits including downloads and development papers. This of course will take some time as I must continue to focus on client engagements, but I would definitely like to get a first pass up before Insights in Nashville, April 10th. The state of the website reminds me of the quote of the Cobblers shoes, where the worst shoes belongs to the cobbler who has the talent and capability to fix his own shoes. I hope through the next few months that I will feel more proud of the web site then I do now.


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