I like the latest and greatest toys to get my job done. All the new shiny attracts me but from time to time I get smacked down by making a choice by jumping on the new .. one such smack down was with VS2012 and ASP.net 4.5. A strange issue was occurring while compiling the web site whereas tables with runat tags would break. With SalesLogix there are several places where this occurs mostly to allow for the setting of the visibility of the table. This is a know issue with Microsoft and a HF will be released (or so it has been told) but in the mean time working with SLX should be done inside of VS2012 without ASP.net 4.5 installed on the machine.


  1. Sebastian, there is indeed a HF that has been released that will fix the issue with tables. I do not have the link readily available but Just hit bing/google and you will find it.

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