is it sometimes it right to break compatibility of older versions of a software. This is a question that many of us struggle with. I am in the midst of that struggle as I push forward on the ERPLink release and determine the right answer.

Currently within the product there is a key component that serializes datasets to the database. These large blobs of xml data are not compatible with some of the forward technologies that we want to use in our different clients, let alone the format allows for a ease of getting more data then one really needs. This ultimately leads to longer the required sync times. I was never a fan of the storage of query data this way as it was pretty localized nor of the display format on the grid as it was never that clean however it was the way it was.

I am now at a point of changing that so that we can have a more structured data set. I am also going to break out child data tables from the parents allowing for at a time fetch support. This will ultimate lead to more records in the querydata table however pushing to structured data will lower the size of the data in the blobs and make it ultimate more consumable from other tools.

Ah to my tuesday …

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