When adding new smart parts to a portal page it can be setup to be shown on one of the child tabs or listed as a selection item in the more tabs list box.

To ensure that the smart part is shown on a tab make sure that in the portal page smart part selection box it is listed within the 6 smart parts targeting the ‘Tab Control’ target Workspace (assuming default visible tab count).

Any Smart parts listed after the first x will automatically be added to the list box for selection on the client portal.


Ryan Farley pointed out that the value of visible tabs is configurable. More details on this are included in his comments to this Blog post.


  1. Hi Mark!

    That number is configurable for each page, so it might not always be 6. The base.Master template has several properties, one of which is called DefaultVisibleTabCount. These properties can be configured for a page by opening the page in AA, the click the “Configure” button in the “Template Information” section. You’ll see the DefaultVisibleTabCount property there. If blank, then the default is 6. You can specify a larger number there to have more tabs visible there (users also have their own setting for visible tabs as well which can override your global ones set for the page). You can also specify there whether you even want to have the “More Tabs” tab even display for the page at all.

    These page properties can also be manually added into the PageProperties collection for the selected page as well.


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